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Terms and conditions:

Terms of business – the engagement of any employee introduced will be deemed as an acceptance of these terms and conditions as set out herein.

The client agrees to notify Aupairka agency if and when an applicant introduced or supplied by Aupairka agency is engaged by the client.  As a result of such engagement, the client agrees to pay an introduction fee in accordance with Aupair-ka agency scales of fees.

Aupairka Agency acts as an agent for the purpose of effective introduction between clients and Au-pairs and the fees of Aupairka Agency are for introduction only. Our agency cannot be held responsible should the au-pair stay for a shorter time than that agreed with client.

Aupairka Agency does not accept responsibility for any loss, damage, omission or otherwise resulting from the agency introduction or provision of services or from any act or conduct of staff introduced by the agency.

After the client has decided to accept the Au-pair, the client needs to provide the agency with an invitation letter for the Au-pair. The Au-pair well be reserved for a period of 1 week. If Aupairka Agency does not receive the invitation letter and the fees between this period, the applicant will be offered to other clients for selection.

All information provided to clients is confidential. Clients transferring information supplied by Aupairka Agency and resulting in the engagement of an Au-pair by a third party will be liable to pay the full fee for that engagement.

All applicants are entitled to one week’s notice of termination of employment. Failure to comply with this condition results in automatic loss of right to refund, replacement or credit. However, in the event of serious misconduct by the Au-pair or the host family (Client), either party shall be entitled to terminate the engagement immediately. If the Au-pair’s departure is as a result of misconduct on the part of the Client the Agency has no obligation to replace the Au-pair or offer any refund of fees.

If the Client directly or indirectly introduces an applicant to any other family or employer the Client will be liable for the full fees should the applicant be engaged.

In all cases if a substitute is offered by the Agency and refused by the Client no refund or credit is due.

If the Client decides not to accept the applicant after an invoice has been raised no refund will be made. A credit for a period of 3 months from the invoice date will given. Once a Client has accepted an applicant and an invoice has been raised following this acceptance, the Client is liable to pay the full amount stated on the invoice.

If the applicant fails to arrive or leaves between the first 14 days, Aupairka Agency will offer a substitute within 14 days of being notified in writing. If our agency is not available to provide replacement after this period, the fee will be refunded less £60 for administration charges. If the client decides not to accept the replacement there will be no refund.  No refund is available if the client finds an applicant from another source before the expiry of the aforesaid 14 days.

If an au-pair is required to work for more than 40 hours per week and/or is earning more than £120 per week, the placement fee will be considered and based on a mothers help fee and the client will be charged accordingly.

Refund will be made only when employee fails to turn up and no suitable replacement can be found.

If an engagement (for nanny and mother’s help positions only) terminate within:

1-3 weeks              50% of fee refund
3-5 weeks              20% of fee refund
5-8 weeks              10% of fee refund
After 8 weeks         no refund will be made

Refund only payable to clients who paid by date stated in invoice and from whom we have received written notification within 5 days of termination of employment.

Submission of an application form to the Aupairka agency constitutes agreement to the above terms and conditions.

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